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Frequently Asked Questions

1. About Us?

Sure. Help Videos Too Click here

2. What is SPC?

SPC stands for Self Promotional Content.

Here, you can put in a title for your SPC, a 100 character self promotional description, your social links such as LinkedIn or Twitter as well as your Website address.

3. What if I want to promote different unrelated businesses?

Sure. You can have multiple SPCs each one promoting a different business / website. You can choose a specific SPC with a specific targeted content to drive traffic to that entity.

4. How does GET SPC work? What is the mechanics?

When a listener finds your content interesting and useful, he/she clicks the GET SPC button.

An email is then sent to the Clicker with your SPC details that includes your website, social links, and self promotional content, allowing to pursue further Business Discussions.

The clicker can also visit your website and links directly from the app.

5. I clicked the GET SPC Button. Where is the SPC content stored?

The GET SPC content can be accessed by clicking the SPC/BTM envelope icon in the bottom tray, extreme right.

This will bring up a list of all the SPCs you clicked on.

Choose one that you are interested in and 3 more options come up: View Details, Play Audio and Delete.

You can Delete the SPC , View Details to get more info or Play Audio if you want to listen to the Clip Again. The Clip can be played only if it is still in the Current or Retro Track. If it has vaporized, the clip cannot be played.

6. What is GET BTM ?

GET BTM stands for Get Back To Me.

By clicking this, you, the Listener are asking for the Uploader of the Content to Get Back To You.

In this case, Your Email and Contact Details are Sent to the Uploader to reach out to you to pursue further Business Discussions.

7. What is the difference between GET SPC and GET BTM? Why have Two Options?

Very Simple.

When you click the GET SPC Button, you the Listener get to study the Uploader’s business / website / Promotional Content, etc. The burden of pursuit is on you; this may be preferred in some cases.

When you click the GET BTM Button, the burden of pursuit is on the Uploader. If he / she is motivated, they get back. This may be preferred in some cases. (In other words, the Listener is telling the Uploader to contact back, if interested.)

8. Where is the GET BTM Data Visible to the Listener?

Once you click GET BTM, the Uploader is emailed the Listener’s contact points; the burden to reach is on the Uploader.

9. I liked a specific content. How do I save it before it vaporizes?

If you liked a specific content, you can click the Download Icon in line with the Player Controls. This will download the audio clip ONLY to your local device. It will NOT save the GET SPC details.

You will NEED to click the GET SPC Button to access that.

10. I liked a specific content. What is the best way to ensure Ihave access to the content in the future as well as Uploader contacts?

FB is a very fast moving platform, where clips vaporize rapidly. Hence if you find something you like, click the Download Audio button in line with the play bar as well as click the GET SPC button to save the contact info.

11. I came across an interesting clip with a grayed out GET SPC button. Why?

This means the Uploader has nothing to promote; many professionals may choose to upload useful educational content without having anything to promote.

This also happens in the case of professionals who may have some audio clips associated with a business they are in, for which an SPC is included and some audio clips they upload for the general benefit of other professionals, without any marketing intent.

This also happens when the user turns on the Private Account switch.

12. I uploaded an audio with a specific SPC promoting my website. Why is my GET SPC and GET BTM Button Grayed Out?

This is because an Uploader of a Clip would not be interested in contacting himself / herself OR promoting himself / herself to himself / herself !

13A. Do you have any Paid Subscription Plans?

Yes. Click the Subscribe to FirstBlastit and several options are available to choose from.

All payments happens through the In-App Purchase Process.

13B. What’s the difference between various Subscription Plans in connection with GET SPC or GET BTM clicks?

It does not cost the Listener anything to click. He’s after all a potential lead for business.

The Uploader gets a limited number of clicks per month for free in the free plan after which he is notified of additional clicks that he missed out by remaining on the free version.

All paid plans offer unlimited clicks per month.

Unless you have no business / website / marketing interests, the free plan limits the number of potential customers to your offering.

The paid plans are EXTREMELY inexpensive when compared to the tremendous potential this platform offers.

14. What is the Archived Clips FB Website Button?

All Paid Plans include an Archived Clips FB Website Button.

Because this is a very fast moving platform, where audio clips vaporize, your content may vaporize before all of your potential audience may have had a chance to listen to it.

The Archived Clips FB Website Button is a button that you will be provided that can be installed on your website alongside social buttons such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

When a visitor to your website clicks on this button, a tab will open up and list ALL of the audio content clips that you have put up on FirstBlastit.

This is another marketing tool for you, so none of your clips will miss your current and future customer base..

15. What is the mechanics of implementing the Archived Clips FB Website Button?

Upon subscribing to a Paid Plan, you will be sent an email with code for the button.

It is best to have your IT person / Agency copy paste this code at the appropriate place on your website. It is quite simple and any webmaster should be able to do this very easily.

16. What happens to my Button if I downgrade from a paid plan to a free one?

At the point of downgrade, your Button will Stop syncing your newer clips. And only your older clips will show.

17. What is the Current Track and What is the Retro Track? What is the mechanics of clips vaporization?

When a User Uploads a clip, it goes into a waiting queue.

From there, if there is NO clip of the Uploader in the Current Track, it gets into the Current Track.

If the track if full, the oldest clip in the Current Track falls into the Retro Track, making room for this new clip.

As more clips enter the Current Track, a corresponding number of older clips fall from the Current Track to the Retro Track.

Thus there will only be ONE clip by ANY user in the Current Track.

Likewise, as clips fall into the Retro Track from the Current Track, older clips from the Retro Track will drop into the Deleted Clips Bucket.

From the Deleted Clips Bucket, if the User is a Paid Plan User ( Any Paid Plan ), it will sync into his Archived Clips FB Website Button for any of his website visitors to listen.

18. I made an error on my SPC. Can I edit it? What happens to all those that already got it?

Yes; you can edit an SPC. You can even delete it. It takes effect only from then on. All those that may have gotten an erroneous SPC will not be updated.

19. What is an Objectionable Content?

FirstBlastit is a Business and Professional platform. As such, valuable content that is educational and useful to the listener is what is considered acceptable content. Blatantly putting up clips that are purely of an advertising nature with no useful content, other than in paid advertisements, is considered objectionable.

In addition, please review the Terms of Service that governs many more instances of Objectionable Content.

20. What is the Mechanics of Objectionable Content Determination?

FirstBlastit uses two main methods of determination of Objectionable Content.

One is my manual review of clips at periodic intervals from the waiting queue. This interval itself is changed periodically. This review therefore happens before the clip becomes live in the current track.

Second is evaluation of listener generated flags. Using internal algorithms, a clip considered objectionable will be removed from a track based upon user flagging.

The decision of the platform is final and binding.

21. What is the Refund Policy?

Please refer to the Terms of Service.

22. How do I delete my account?

You can delete your account by clicking on the Profile icon on the top left, then clicking the first tab Profile, which will lead to your details, with an option to delete your account.